Our Story


Greening RMIT is a student-run project all about promoting urban gardening and sustainability on campus. Through hands-on education and community building events, we hope to reconnect people with food and the natural environment. 

Central to the project is the RMIT student community garden. In 2014, we created a rooftop garden on campus where students could come along and learn about growing their own food. This ‘living laboratory’ serves to educate students and inspire them to create their own gardens at home.

Alongside the community garden, Greening RMIT runs a number of educational events and workshops including a documentary screenings, Q&A sessions, gardening workshops and community dinners. These events have been very successful with lots of students getting involved! 

One of the core philosophies of Greening RMIT is that gardening, specifically the relationship between growing and eating food, can help cultivate sustainability in other areas of people’s lives. 

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Our Goals

Greening RMIT aims to improve the sustainability of RMIT in three ways: education, collaboration and community. Education through various events including workshops, movie screenings and Q&A sessions. We collaborate with a range of people including students, academic staff and environmental professionals to create a diverse and robust project. Our main goal is to create a community of inspired people who want to take food sustainability into their own hands. 

In 2015 we hope to achieve the following:

  • Expand the RMIT student community gardens and continue growing delicious, organic produce! 

  • Host weekly garden sessions so people can learn how to establish, maintain and harvest a garden.

  • Host a range of educational events and workshops including documentary screenings, cooking demos and garden related workshops.

  • Establish a worm-farm composting system and collect food waste from around campus.

  • Engage and collaborate with a range of different stakeholders at RMIT. We recognise that gardens can be used in many different ways. For that reason, we want to open up  the community garden to be used by different stakeholders including students from applied science, project management, industrial design and business. 

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Our People

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Ben is the creator and project manager of Greening RMIT. Ben has just completed a Bachelor Degree from RMIT in Environmental Social Science and is currently doing his honours year - researching sustainable food systems. Ben is a qualified chef and is passionate about growing food, hence the Greening RMIT community garden! Ben's roles include connecting with people who want to get involved with Greening RMIT and securing funding for the project. 

Laura is a Social Science (Environment) student at RMIT and has always had an interest in sustainability and urban agriculture. She loves being involved with Greening RMIT because she enjoys being part of a growing movement towards self sufficiency. Laura's roles with Greening RMIT involves social media and student engagement. She also writes our wonderful blog! 

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Originally from Toronto, Canada, Tom is currently finishing his Masters Degree in International Urban and Environmental Management at RMIT. Tom's passion lies in bringing people together for positive change. Tom's primary roles at Greening RMIT are to help coordinate events and extend the reach of the project. 


Lann is a double degree student studying Environmental Engineering and International Studies at RMIT. Outside of his studies, Lann runs his own small landscape gardening business and does work from home gardens, bee keeping, and even making habitats at the zoo! Lann's roles with Greening RMIT include selecting the right plants for the right spot and helping to keep the garden happy and healthy. 



Ongoing Projects

We have a number of ongoing projects at RMIT including a student community garden, a pop up garden in the Alumni Courtyard and making terrariums for the RMIT campus store!  

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Our Friends

We love collaborating with people! Here are some of the friends we have made along the way. 



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