Greening RMIT has a number of ongoing projects. Check out the descriptions below and contact us here to get involved!


Student Community Garden

Our pride and joy! The RMIT Student Community Garden is central to the Greening RMIT project. Here we holding weekly 'garden sessions' where students come and learn about urban gardening. We also hold a number of more specific workshops and events here.

Check out the photos below of produce we have grown in our community garden. Everything from snow peas, sugar snaps, radishes and herbs. Established in early 2014, this garden is gearing up for a big 2015!


Terrarium Building

To help maintain the Student Community Garden, we build and sell terrariums at the RMIT Campus Store. All of the profits go back into keeping Greening RMIT alive and healthy! 

If you are interested in learning how to build terrariums, click here to contact us.


Completed Projects

We have also completed a number of short-term projects. These range include a pop-up indoor garden at the RMIT Campus Store and being involved with the RMIT Design Market selling terrariums! 


Campus Store Indoor Garden

The Indoor Garden we created for the RMIT Campus Store in July 2014. A great collection of vertical gardens, hanging moss balls and terrariums! In 2015 we will be selling some of our amazing terrariums - so watch this space! 

RMIT Design Market

In November 2014 we participated in the RMIT Design Market at the Emporium. We made a range of (what we think are) fantastic terrariums to sell! It was a great success and everyone seemed to love our stuff. This has encouraged us to build more terrariums that we now sell at the RMIT Campus Store - check them out! 

Community Dinner

In October 2014 we host an amazing Community Dinner in collaboration with Realfoods Cafe. We had delicious free food (including curries, salads, rice biriani and vegan sweet treats) and a group of fantastic speakers who presented on their experience of sustainable food. 

Worm Farming Workshop

The Worm Farming workshop we held in August 2014. Hosted by the amazing Richard for Wormlovers, it was an amazing session! 

Creative Competition

In May 2014 we held a Creative Competition, asking people to submit a photo, drawing, poem or video that draws upon the idea of nature and/or urban gardening. We had such a great response from the RMIT community - here are some of the submissions.

Planting Day event

This was our first major event hosted in May 2014 and was the beginning of the Student Community Garden! Over 40 students came along to get their hands dirty and plant a variety of herbs and veges.